George Nicholson (N4GRN)

My name is George. My amateur radio call sign is N4GRN. I live in Atlanta, Georgia USA with my wife Kim. We have a second home in Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Canada where we spend several month each year. My Canadian call sign is VE1GRN. I was born in Union Springs Alabama and Kim was born in Lerwick, Shetland islands, Scotland. We have two sons Nick and Shawn. Our grandson is Collin and granddaughter Lilly.

I studied bio-chemistry and electrical engineering and have owned Nicholson General Contracting & Nicholson Services since 1969.

My current hobbies are Amateur Radio, photography, tropical plants, cooking, hiking, camping, and travel. I have spelunked, rock / ice climbed, and skydived in the past.

You will find a few of my pictures and expeditions on these pages. Some expedition pictures were taken by team members. All other photographs are my work. You can contact me at george@george-nicholson.com.

My main website is www.george-nicholson.com and my business website is www.nicholsoncontracting.com .